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A is for Argan!

I'm sure by now you've known of at least one product with this luxurious oil. The very best versions are extracted from the fruit pit of the Argan tree and cold pressed with little to no heat.

Native to Morocco, this oil has been included in many luxury personal care products for hair, face, and body. Oh, Argan, how we love thee. Rich in Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids makes the dullest skin glow and the driest of skin, soft and conditioned. The high content of oleic and linoleic acids give Argan oil antioxidant mega powers like no other. But the real benefit of this superstar ingredient is the fact that it holds a 0 comedogenic rating! Yup, that’s right… 0! So pores all over the world, and your clients' bodies can celebrate! Let’s put our hands together for Argan, shall we? Skin nourishing, glow enhancing, dull skin eliminating and of course, touted for its non-comedogenic structure, this oil is sure to win you over.

Want to show Argan Oil some appreciation and give your retail area a boost all at the same? Click HERE to experience Radiance Oil by CaribbeanCandy® formulated with Argan oil and brightening fruit enzymes. A great home care product recommendation to maintain conditioned skin after epilation services.

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