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Take it Slow

We have all heard this old saying, right? Well, it still rings true today. Especially entering into a “post-pandemic” era. During this time we have learned many lessons on the benefits of sustainable living, not just in our homes, but in our treatment rooms as well. While words like “green” have been on the beauty, health, and wellness scene for quite some time now, another word that has slowly ushered its way on the beauty scene is in fact “Slow”. Slow or “The Slow Beauty Movement” as described by many top beauty brands, “is a more thoughtful and aligned approach to producing and consuming cosmetics”.

We like to say that Slow Beauty is about being more intentional in our commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. We can do this by investing in products that have been thoughtfully crafted using sustainable methods and ethically sourced ingredients.

In fact, one Slow Beauty modality that is quickly gaining popularity in treatment rooms across the globe is Sugaring. Often referred to as “Sugar Waxing”, although ask any professional Sugarist and they will tell you, it is very different from traditional waxing in many ways. Sugaring is a trailblazing epilation method that provides optimal results and honors our planet all at the same time. With fewer supplies and overhead costs compared to its “epilatory cousin” Wax, many technicians are opting to offer both methods of hair removal to address the needs of their eco-conscious clientele or just making the sweet switch altogether.

As far as Sugar Paste is concerned, gone are the days of limited options. Today, we have Sugar Paste suppliers who offer the sweet stuff in hues ranging from deep molasses to amber, to golden honey all the way to crystal clear, each with a unique back bar of products that provide the smoothest skin ever. Now how sweet is that? Are you curious about Sugaring? Visit the AMBASSADORS TAB to locate a professional Sugarist near you. Got Questions or would like more information on our Sugaring workshops and training offered internationally? Email: And remember to follow us in IG @caribbeancandy!

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